Recipes of the Month – January 2017

I have experimented with a few different recipes and ideas when cooking this month and although I have shared them through social media on Find a Friend in Food Facebook Page and Twitter I thought it would be good to have them all in one place for you to have a try and discover more information on the blogs I found them.

I also hope this will give you a chance to find food interesting again, with having to deal with a generally bland diet to prevent any stomach issues, trying new recipes or simply making your food look appealing, by adding colour for example, can make eating more exciting and less of a chore.

Now the first one isn’t a meal but it is a drink.


Sonnentor Turmeric Latte Golden Milk – Ginger Version

wp_20170111_17_30_59_proBought at my local Health Food Shop wp_20170115_15_22_27_pro

A lovely golden drink, the picture doesn’t justify the richness of the colour! Comforting to the stomach, smells and tastes good too like chai latte with a kick.

There’s also a vanilla version too. It isn’t as simple as putting the kettle on, it will involve a small saucepan on the hob with milk and a teaspoon of the turmeric latte mixture to heat up and then transfer to your favourite mug. Another thing to note is turmeric can easily stain in colour and smell but if you clean everything straight after it is fine.

There’s two ways of making the drink with all the instructions on the container and the first one, which I have done so far, really didn’t take that long. A great alternative to tea or coffee. Turmeric and ginger contain key properties for anti-inflammation and other health benefits, so you can’t go wrong with this drink.


Pinch of Yum Recipe for Anything You Have Coconut Curry Soup

Another turmeric and ginger combination! This one is a real winter warmer with a twist. Quite literally, as I was able to try out my new spiralizer. wp_20170116_18_26_59_pro

This one is super quick and easy, looks colourful and appetising (see pinch of yum website for a more appetising image) and vegetarian.

Had my first taste of tofu with this meal too, really not as bad as you would think but if I’m being honest I think chicken would have tasted good in this recipe. I added spiralized beetroot and carrot.

Spiralized Saladwp_20170116_13_57_51_pro

Using leftovers from the above I mixed my spiralized beetroot and carrot and sprinkled some goats cheese, nuts and olive oil based dressing over the top for a quick, crunchy salad lunch. Even my boyfriend took some to work! – So it can’t be that bad 🙂


Quick Scrambled Eggs for One

One morning I was running late for work (and by this I mean I was running behind on my morning routine for the time I like to leave the house by in order for me to be on time). I didn’t want to fuss over the hob waiting for the water to boil to do poached eggs, so I quickly found an eggy recipe that would be done in a mere 1min40secs. wp_20170126_08_01_29_pro

I beat two eggs, chopped baby spinach and added dash of milk, without any cheese as suggested, I tried this another day with rice milk and still had the desired results. I mixed everything, put in the microwave for 1minute, stirred then cooked for another 40seconds. Then out of the microwave and still having time to have one piece of gluten free toast with olive oil spread, I broke up the bread into crouton-sized pieces and enjoyed my scrambled breakfast, all in time for getting to work! I loved this idea mostly because I had never thought of using the same bowl to cook the eggs in to them eat out of, it had never occurred to me before because I had always done scrambled eggs for more than one person or made in jug to then place onto bread on a plate, this was so much more easier and less washing up.


Spinach and Goat Cheese Frittata

Continuing with eggs, you’ll need 10 of them in this recipe! Never have I eaten so many eggs and never have I bought 24 eggs at one time knowing that I will be getting through them in a week or less. wp_20170125_18_46_55_proThis is another recipe that you can just add whatever you have or whatever you feel like adding (all the foods friendly to your stomach of course). I added to mine baby spinach, goats cheese (I recommend the crumbly type as I didn’t have this and I feel it would have been better if I did), chorizo, tomatoes, mushrooms and also potatoes. I peeled, chopped and boiled the potatoes to soften before adding later to the main pan with everything else. Adding potatoes definitely gave it more bite, I need something with a bit of bite in my meals so it feels like I have actually eaten something, to keep those snacking cravings at bay.


Rice Flake Pancakes  by Cheery Little Thing my number one recipe for the month!

My experience of making gluten free pancakes is everything getting stuck to the pan and then end result not looking like a pancake at all! So when I had a craving for pancakes and saw my Delicious Alchemy rice flakes in the cupboard, I thought whether it would be possible to make pancakes with it and Cheery Little Thing’s recipe proves you can! It is basically making the rice flakes into a flour and it didn’t stick and turned out perfectly circular and together. It was pretty quick too, a bit of a mess in the blender afterwards but nothing some scrubbing can’t fix. A brilliant gluten free alternative to traditional pancakes. Just be careful with your sugar in-take for your other meals in the day!WP_20170122_15_17_49_Pro.jpg

I would like everyone to know, the above is based on my own personal views and not endorsed in any way.

Do you have your own favourite recipe for the month?

Have you tried spiralizing?

What would you put on your gluten free pancakes?



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