Food intolerances can be difficult to deal with, this page is a helping hand for all those who feel they are in a battle against food.


My Journey

After a year of stomach problems, resorting to cutting out gluten in my diet and finding still my tummy was sensitive, my doctor prescribed Irritable Bowel Syndrome tablets. However, these are just an aid in digestion not a cure and when I had reoccurring, which can only be described as violent bouts of sickness and diarrhoea, or often alternating between this and constipation, I decided it was time to sort my digestive system out.

I found that it takes a lot of my own research to figure out what food and drinks are best for me to control and manage my stomach, but I want to help others to try and find an easy way to maintain a healthy stomach without it feeling like a struggle.

I don’t want people feeling like food is their enemy, I would like them to embrace the foods that make their stomach happy, to be able to make them happy 🙂

I am very much in the middle of my journey and I am keen to hear about yours, whether you are just starting out or have battled through to find a healthy lifestyle that suits you, please comment below and help support those who are suffering with any sort of gastrointestinal discomfort.

Find out more about my starting diet here: My Diet through the Years

If you’re starting out read my first post to help you on your way.

Join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s educate ourselves on digestive health and support others to Find a Friend in Food.



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